Bulk Billing at Active Health Portland

Friday, 25 August 2017
At times when you come to Active Health Portland you may be asked to pay for the service you receive at this clinic.

Bulk Billing is available, however this is not for all appointments. In general it is always for those that hold a Health Care Card, or Pension Card, Students up to the age of 25 and Children under 16. Visits that are requested by the GP as a follow up and appointments for scripts only, will usually be bulk billed also.

All other visits will be charged at the discretion of the GP which you see on the day.

We encourage all patients to return to reception after their appointment and ensure any charges are settled on the day. If you have forgotten to see reception before you leave you may receive an account in the mail.

If you have your bank account details registered with Medicare then when you pay for your account we will send this information straight to Medicare and they will deposit your refund straight into your bank account without you having to take it in to them. In most cases the out of pocket cost is approximately $20 for a GP appointment.

If you have any financial issues with paying your account then please let your GP know so that they are aware. Alternatively you can talk to Reception and they can follow this up with the GP that you saw.

If you have any further questions about payment of accounts please do not hesitate to ask at Reception.