Clinical Nursing Services


District Nursing

District Nursing services offered to people of all ages with a variety of health conditions. The aim of our service is to work in partnership with clients and carers to identify and attend to each individual’s needs.

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Accident and Emergency Nursing

Community members must dial 000 in the event of a medical emergency. If a RAN is available to attend a RAN response is activated via the 000 emergency paging system.

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Palliative Care

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Post Acute Care

The aim of this program is to assist people in recuperating after hospitalisation. This is generally provided on a short term basis of 1 to 2 weeks post hospital discharge.

An individual assessment is conducted to enable provision of appropriate services such as wound care, personal care, medication management, meals on wheels and home care.

Funding for this service is provided through the discharging hospital.

All patients receiving treatment in a public hospital are eligible for post hospital support for a variety of services subject to individual hospital assessment criteria. This care provision is negotiated by your discharging hospital with our nursing staff.

What we require from your discharging hospital:

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Hospital in the Home

This program is designed to provide acute care to patients in the home.

The aim of the program is to:

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Access to Psychiatric Services

The Balmoral Bush Nursing Service works in close conjunction with Pyschiatric services through Western District Health Services and Wimmera Health Care Group. We are a referral point for clients requiring assessment and support through these services.

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Collection of Pathology Specimens

Pathology collections services are provided at the Balmoral Bush Nursing Service on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 9am and 10.30am at a cost of $3.00 per patient. Courier collection is only on these days.

Patients need to bring the pathology advice slip from their doctor.

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Continence Care and Advice

Nursing staff are able to provide advice and support through provision of aids for continence issues. Registered nurses at BBNC are able to refer to the Continence service at Western District Service who can visit clients in Balmoral by appointment made through the Balmoral Bush Nursing Centre.

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Access to Medications

In accordance with their drugs and poisons licence, the Balmoral Bush Nursing Centre has a range of over the counter medications available for purchase by members of the Centre.

Registered nurses are able to provide education and advice in regard to medication to clients and their carers.

Medications are delivered daily from Reeds Pharmacy in Coleraine to provide timely access to scripted items required.

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Wound Care

The registered nurses are able to provide a range of wound care services to clients. We have a range of dressing supplies available for purchase.

Through access to video link we work closely with the regional wound consultant from Western District Health Service to ensure clients have access to best practice care.

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Domiciliary Midwifery

BBNC employs two registered midwives that able to provide advice and support to parents on discharge from hospital post delivery of their baby. Our staff work closely with the discharging hospital and the maternal and child health nurse to provide the best possible care to you and your child.

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Community Nursing - Veterans Affairs clients

Community Nursing is funded by the Department of Veteran Affairs in the aim to work with people to assist them to live independently in their homes. We aim to promote, support and maintain client independence. We also provide assistance to carers. Individual care is assessed on individual needs.

A range of services are provided depending on assessed need.

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Balmoral Bush Nursing Centre has two registered immunisation nurses on staff to ensure timely access to all immunisation requirements. This includes fluvax and Government recommended vaccinations.

For infant immunisations please refer to the Maternal and Child Health Information page.

Contact the Centre for more information on 5570 1304.

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