Fees and Charges

Annual Membership Charges 2017/2018


Family Membership


Single Membership


Pension Family Membership


Pension Single Membership


Sporting Club Membership


Non Profit Organisation Membership


Corporate Membership

- packages negotiated on an individual basis.


Non Member Charges 2017/2018


Non Member Centre Visit


Non Member After Hours Visit


Member After Hours Visit


Pensioner After Hours Visit


Consult Room Hire

$55 per visit

Function Room Hire

$20.00 p/hr (incl. GST)

Function Room Hire Full Day

$150.00 (incl. GST)

Please contact our administrative or nursing staff to discuss your entitlements.


Nursing & Clinical Care
(in addition to any applicable fees above)



$4.00 per visit

Simple Dressing

$5.00 per visit

Complicated Dressing

$10.00 per visit

Equipment Hire

$10.00 per month (incl. GST)


Community Services Fees


Respite Services Annual Fee

$20.00 per year

Respite Transport Fees


- Coleraine, Hamilton & Horsham

$20.00 return

- Ballarat or Warrnambool

$40.00 return

- Geelong or Melbourne

$60.00 return

- Other destinations to be negotiated by the Community Services Coordinator


Community Bus to Hamilton or Horsham

$10.00 return trip


Planned Activity Group


In centre meal & afternoon tea


Mens Shed

$2.00 per session

Activities and outings as advised (contact Community Services Coordinator for more information)


Bus Hire


Half Day


Full day


Over 200Km