Health Promotion is about improving people’s control over the determinants of their health. It focuses on making population health better, before individuals become ill.  

The key objective of the Colac Area Health’s Health Promotion program is to work with, and for the community to achieve positive health outcomes for the Colac Otway region.  

A person’s health is affected by many factors such as environment, access to housing, safety, social and economic circumstances known as the social determinants of health. If we improve the social determinants in people’s lives we improve their health. 

The Health Promotion Program works with partners and other organisations in the community, including the Colac Otway Shire, and schools to improve these social determinants, Health Promotion focuses on everyday life. Examples of health promotion work include:  

  • Advocating for smoke free playgrounds
  • Creating safe sidewalks and tracks for walking and cycling
  • Setting up community gardens or community kitchens

Colac Area Health guides its work in Health Promotion through our Integrated Health Promotion Plan and the following principles:   

The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion

World Health Organisation 1986
World Health Organisation 1986


The Department of Human Services (2003) guiding principles for Health Promotion  

  1. Address the broader determinants of health, including the social determinants


 (Listed below):  


 Base activities on the best available data and evidence. 

  1. Act to reduce social inequities and injustice.
  2. Emphasise active consumer and community participation.
  3. Empower individuals and communities.
  4. Explicitly consider differences in gender and culture.
  5. Work in collaboration. 

The Health Promotion Program at Colac Area Health uses a ‘whole of community’ focus and works with partners to plan and develop ideas. The priority areas of action for Colac Area Health’s Integrated Health Promotion Plan (2013-2017) are:    

 Healthy Eating and Food Security  

  • Tobacco Control
  • Oral Health
  • Healthy Together Achievement Program - Health Promoting Workplaces


Colac Area Health aims to support the community to access food that is nutritious, affordable and secure. Projects include: Food security mapping (food retail and transport), Victorian Healthy Food Basket Survey and identification of emergency food relief programs.  

To view the Executive Summary for the 2013 Colac Otway Food Security Needs Analysis click here.

To view the Infographic on Food in the Colac Otway Region click here.  

To view the Colac Otway Community Food Action Plan click here   

Click here to view the Food in the Colac Otway Region website.  


Colac Area Health aims to reduce the harm of tobacco in the community. Projects include: Advocating for smoke free environments, Smoking Cessation clinics, World No Tobacco Day and previously completed a ‘No Tobacco’ film project at Colac Secondary College.  

Colac Area Health is a member of the Victorian Network of Smoke Free Healthcare Services. For more information, click here.

To view details of our Smoking Cessation Clinic, click here.



Colac Area Health aims to increase positive oral health outcomes for Early Years. This includes programs such as: Smiles 4 Miles, Kinder Kapers, and the Achievements Program.    

Colac-Otway Oral Health Profile 2013   

Smile 4 Miles Newsletter Term 1 2016 

Smile 4 Miles Newsletter Term 2 2016

Smile 4 Miles Newsletter Term 3 2016

Smile 4 Miles Newsletter Term 4 2016



 Colac Area Health aims to create healthy and supportive work environments throughout the community that promote healthy physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.  The Achievement Program in workplaces will address Health Eating, Smoking, Physical Activity, Mental Health and Wellbeing and Alcohol.  Projects include:  Building healthy policies, providing information and opportunities to develop healthy personal skills and service provision.  

Colac Area Health is a member of the Healthy Together Victoria Achievement Program for Workplaces.  For more information click here   


Colac Area Health completed a Youth Health and Wellbeing Needs Assessment in 2012. 

We surveyed 176 young people in the Colac Otway Shire, to find out what the health issues are for young people and how we can support development of the Youth Health Hub. 

To view the Youth Health And Wellbeing Infographic click here

To view the full Youth Health and Wellbeing Needs Assessment Report 2012 click here.   



Colac Otway Shire Data Snapshot 2015

G21 Colac Otway Shire Region Profile 2014

Department of Health LGA Colac Otway Shire 2013

Department of Health LGA Profile for Colac Otway Shire 2012 

VicHealth LGA Profile for Colac Otway Shire 2011 

Victorian Population Health Survey Results Colac Otway Shire 2008 

For further information please contact  

Health Promotion Coordinator   

Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5.00 pm 

Tel:  5232 5347

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