We were lucky enough to have some of the Geelong footballers visit Corangamarah

While they were staying in Colac recently, 12 players came and introduced themselves to a large crowd (some in Collingwood colours!) eagerly awaiting them in the South lounge.  The players were originally recruited from ‘all over,’ including Ireland, NT, QLD, SA, WA, NSW and rural Victoria.  They answered questions from residents and staff and told us that they completed approximately 40 hours of training during an average week.

Agnes was quite taken with Mark O’Connor’s (No. 42) Irish accent.  Some of the players were fairly tall but we thought they appeared larger on the TV screen. 

They were all friendly and sat or squatted to pose for photographs with everyone after question time and to have a more in depth chat.  We were all impressed afterwards; even if they weren’t our first team we may have a new second team!