Do you want to improve your cooking skills and nutrition knowledge?

If so, FoodMate by SecondBite is the program for you!  In a fun-filled environment you will gain essential skills to help you lead a nourishing and healthy life.  

Each week you will have the opportunity to cook new and delicious recipes while developing a wide range of cooking skills.

You will learn practical nutrition tips through interactive nutrition games and fact sheets.

You will also have the chance to meet people from your local community kitchens, community gardens, fresh food markets and more.

The Program:

Week 1: Food Safety                    

Week 2: Healthy Eating

Week 3: Fruit and Vegetables        

Week 4: Food Budgeting

Week 5: Label Reading                

Week 6: Food and Exercise

Week 7: Modifying Recipes        

Week 8: FoodMate Celebration! 

To support you on your journey, all FoodMate participants will receive a hamper of fruit and vegetables to take home each week. You will also receive a Kitchen Kit with delicious recipes.


Health Promotion Department
Colac Area Health
Phone: (03) 5232 5100

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