Nurse Unit Manager Residential Care Mrs Karen Sealey, Enrolled Nurses Mrs Wendy Tibbles and Ms Sue Wombwell together with Nurse Unit Manager Primary & Community Care Ms Anne Pekin discussing the Advanced Care Planning System.
Wednesday, 2 December 2015
Advance Care Planning is the process of planning for future health and personal care whereby a person’s values, beliefs and preferences are made known so they can guide clinical decision making at a future time when that person cannot make or communicate their decisions due to lack of capacity.

If you became seriously ill, or had a serious accident, and were unlikely to recover, what sort of medical treatment would you want?  Who would you want to make decisions for you about your medical treatment?

If we know your choices for the future health care we are able to respect them.

An Advance Care Plan helps us understand your wishes about future treatment.  The people who care for you, including your family and friends, can be helped by having this information, particularly if your illness becomes more serious and you are unable to make decisions for yourself.  This plan gives you the opportunity to nominate a family member or friend to make important decisions for you, when you are unable to make decision for yourself about medical treat.  This person is known as your Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment) or you’re “agent”

A trained consultant can help you think and talk about the medical treatment that you would or would not want.

This gives you the opportunity to plan your care in advance and is called Advance Care Planning.

Once you have thought about these things, and spoken to your family about them, we can then assist you to write down what is important to you.

CMH has a dedicated team of nurses who can provide information and assistance for people planning completing their Advance Care Plan.

Phone or call into CMH reception to arrange an appointment time.   A trained consultant will then support you through the process of completing your own Advance Care Plan.