CASTERTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL CARD - supporting your community and our hospital

Wednesday, 2 December 2015
At CMH we think that our Hospital Card Program is something that every Casterton Family should know about! Where else but in our fantastic town can you make a small (tax deductible) donation of $50 to your local hospital, and get more than just a receipt in return? If you would like to receive discounts in a number of businesses in Casterton, as well as added “rewards” when you are a patient at CMH, then read on!

 The Hospital Card Program was developed by Casterton Memorial Hospital nineteen years ago to fulfil a number of objectives.  For many years prior to this development, the Hospital ran an Annual Appeal Program to raise funds from its local community for use to up-grade and provide improvements for the Hospital. Annual Appeals were an unimaginative way of fund raising.


The program was developed whereby the Hospital could become closer to its community by promoting local businesses, providing incentives for the community to shop locally and provide a regular Hospital to Community Newsletter.


Programs objectives;

  • Promote Local Trading
  • Promote Casterton Memorial Hospital and assist with fundraising.
  • Provide Hospital Card Members with benefits


If you become a member of the CMH Hospital Card Program, it will entitle you to a range of benefits and services.  In the event of being hospitalised, the Card Holder together with their family will receive a range of services during their stay, which includes Free T.V. Service, Individual Dinner Menu with Beverage List, Free Laundry Service, Free Local Telephone Calls and a small gift on arrival.


Also by becoming a Member, you are offered a discount on specific services or products by the 29 local Casterton Businesses, which we have currently, supporting the program. By shopping locally you enjoy the well deserved discounts that come with your membership whilst supporting the local traders at the same time.


We see the Hospital Card Program as a great opportunity for our community to support each other and hope that you will take the time to consider this program and become a Hospital Card Program Member.


To become a member or to obtain a brochure with some more information please contact Sue or Moana on Reception 555 42 555.