District Nurse Service


The service operates from Heywood Rural Health, and is jointly funded by the Victorian and Australian Government through the Home and Community Care (HACC) Program. It covers an area approximately 25km around Heywood and collaborates with adjoining agencies.


We offer registered nurses who provide a wide range of general and specialist nursing services to people with diverse medical conditions in their own homes to assist people to achieve a level of independence that will allow them to remain at home. Our role also supports the carers who play a vital role in achieving this.


Enquiries can be made through Heywood Rural Health                       03 5527 0555

Or you can contact the District Nursing Department direct                  03 5527 0537

Eligibility for Service

Residents of low care residential aged care facilities (hostels) and Supported Residential Services are eligible for district nursing services.


Anyone can refer to the service by contacting the duty nurse and discussing the details.

Specific requirements for medication:
Services where medications are required cannot commence until the appropriate information (a signed medication chart with all relevant details) is made available and the client is in receipt of their medication.

HACC eligible clients pay in accordance with the rates set by the Department of Health (currently $3.50 per visit). A fee is negotiated on the first visit. Service is not denied to persons experiencing financial hardship.

Fee for service/non-HACC clients – cost may be advised by contacting the office directly.

Nursing services include but are not limited to:

Care is undertaken by Registered Nurses who can provide an assessment of health needs and work with clients, their families and carers to establish a care plan that is tailored to the individuals needs.   

Occupational Health and Safety
Our staff require a smoke free workplace –so we request no smoking while we visit. Prior to starting visits and care, staff complete a client and home assessment. Occasionally changes need to be negotiated, to reduce risk, before staff can visit.  

We are not an emergency service; if you need prompt medical attention, contact your own doctor for an appointment during clinic hours, the hospital after hours or 000 for emergencies.