Staff Login

Access your email
The domain\user name consists of SWARH\ and your username as when you log into your computer at Heywood Rural Health up to 8 characters and without the HRH.
eg SWARH\gvharris
The password is the same as the one you use to log into your computer.

Access SOLLE16 
SOLLE16 Username = Your full work e-mail address.
Password = Same as work login password.

Access Prompt
Allows staff with access to login to view policy documents.

Human Resources Self-Serve
The username will be your email access login without SWARH\ Eg gvharis. The password is the same as your computer/email login.

Once successfully logged you will enter your normal HRSS login Eg Employee ID number and your HRSS password on a second page.


Citrix Access Gateway
Available only for approved staff to access their computer from outside the organisation.

Infection Control
Access Victorian Infection Prevention Services.      Username: HRHS  Password: vicips