Bus times and prices
Wednesday 12 March 2014
The first Lavers Hill to Colac bus run commenced last Friday and will continue to do so for the next 3 months as a pilot!! [read more]
Tuesday 18 February 2014
We are now looking for a suitably qualified person/s to lease the building with the sole purpose of operating this Community Gym as their business. [read more]
Shop local and make a difference
Monday 17 February 2014
Facebook friends.....connect with us online now. [read more]
Tuesday 11 February 2014
Proposal to amend the name of the Multi-Purpose Service to Otway Health  [read more]
Tuesday 28 January 2014
Time to dust off the glitter pens and pull out the Derwents. [read more]
Paradise for everyone
Tuesday 17 December 2013
This festive season, you can relax in the knowledge that Otway Health has respite options available. [read more]
Tuesday 3 December 2013
Exciting times ahead for the region with the possibility of a Food Swap system.  [read more]
Monday 25 November 2013
Out now - Our Report of Operations (for all you financial wizards) and our Quality of Care Magazine (for everyone else). [read more]
Tuesday 8 October 2013
Sarah can't stop smiling with the good news of our successful Accreditation [read more]
Thursday 1 August 2013
The Apollo Bay community has always been known for its generosity, without which, many projects would never have gotten off the ground or have achieved their success to date. As... [read more]
Minister for Public Transport and Roads, Terry Mulder, Otway Health Board President, Peter Hagan, Colac Otway Shire Mayor, Lyn Russell and CEO of Otway Health, Linda West
Tuesday 25 June 2013
Collaborative partnership creates fantastic new facility for the Apollo Bay Community! [read more]
Great Ocean Road Marathon 2013
Thursday 16 May 2013
If ever in your wildest dreams or ‘bucket list’ you wanted to beat Australia’s running legend Steve Moneghetti in a race, now is your probably your one and only chance to... [read more]
Monday 8 April 2013
In the latest Baillieu Government survey into patient satisfaction in Victorian hospitals, Otway Health has received 90 out of a possible 100, scoring us in the top percentile. [read more]
Mary (seated) with her sister Phoebe
Monday 4 March 2013
Otway Health resident, Mary Day celebrates her 100th Birthday on Tuesday 5th March. [read more]
Apollo Bay Seafood Festival 2013 Colouring Competition
Monday 21 January 2013
As part of the 2013 Apollo Bay Seafood Festival, Otway Health are playing host to the community picnic and the colouring in competition. [read more]
Pick up your copy today!
Monday 7 January 2013
Find out all about us and the amazing array of services we provide in our easy to read magazine. Plus go into the draw to win a $100 gift voucher from Community Care Care... [read more]
Occupational Therapist Tanja with Mavis Oram
Thursday 15 November 2012
Knowing your rights as a senior can be a veritable minefield. Who does one speak to, where does one go and who can help.  [read more]
Thursday 31 May 2012
It is with a warm heart that Otway Health sincerely thank the community of Apollo Bay and all visitors to the region who participated in the recent Kids Gallop as part of... [read more]
Monday 23 April 2012
Otway Health & Community Services are excited to advise that from May onwards we will be commencing a new planned activity group for a few specially selected OHCS clients... [read more]
Monday 5 March 2012
The brave, Josie Barr will be shaving her head on Friday 16th March 2012 to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.  [read more]
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