All Staff Meeting: Thursday 24 August

Tuesday, 29 August 2017
Latest all staff update from meeting held on Thursday 24 August.

NSQHS Accreditation 8 & 9 August 2017

Congratulations to all on the successful accreditation.

Staff Consultative Committee (SCC)

The SCC continues to meet and progress items identified by the staff as the most important issues requiring resolution.

These are:
- Communication
- Acceptable Workplace Behaviour
- Workplace Change and Consultation

The SCC would welcome any new staff members who may wish to join. Please watch out for contact details.

Other items identified;

Review of cleaning, catering and maintenance services

To ensure the needs of Otway Health are met, a review of the catering, cleaning and maintenance services has been scheduled in early September.  All staff are welcome to provide input.

Counsellor visits

Shane Storer – Counsellor – continues to visit monthly on the second Tuesday of every month, please contact him directly on 0423 405 822.

Telehealth update

Telehealth 3 month pilot trial will commence on Tuesday 29 August at 2.00pm.


On-going maintenance continues with internal painting in Operations building and exterior timber works, please avoid these areas where possible.

Security upgrade

Security Upgrade – all staff are being issued with a new security swipe/id badge in next few days.  You will need to carry both cards until further notice as the transition takes place.  If you are having trouble accessing doors that you require, please contact Kim Bazell.

Staff update

Staff Update – Kylie Neumann will return to her role as Customer Services Officer on Monday 4 September, Kerry Charman departs her short-term role as Clinical Project Officer Friday 1 September and Bill Barclay (volunteer handyman) hangs up his nail bag Friday 25 August.