All Staff Meeting: Wednesday 9 August

Friday, 11 August 2017
Wrap up by ACHS Survey Team following NSQHS accreditation on 8 and 9 August.

26 staff in attendance.

ACHS surveyor Vince Gaglioti thanked all staff and handed over to his joint surveyor, Helen Eccles to discuss the preliminary findings on the standards she reviewed:

Infection Control:

Patient ID and Clinical Handover:

Pressure Injuries


Helen handed over to Vince to discuss the standards he reviewed:


Engaging with Consumers

Medication Safety

Clinical Deterioration

Vince then advised the group that the report OH receives will contain suggestions and recommendations, which will need to go into action plans, to be worked on into the future.

ACHS will be submitting a recommendation that full accreditation be maintained.

The final message from the surveyors was to keep up the hard work and sustain the improvements.

Kate Gillan advised the group that the surveyors particularly noted how everyone was involved in the process and have great ownership of their roles and OH.