All Staff Update: Interim Quality Review CHSP

Tuesday, 16 January 2018
The results are in for our interim quality review on Commonwealth Home Supported Programs (CHSP) – and they’re fantastic!

Dear All Staff,

I am pleased to announce that we have successfully met all requirements for this review, as well as received positive feedback and recognition for our processes. It was identified by the review team that we have well established systems for meeting compliance, legislation and professional standards, plus we have a strong understanding of engagement with our community, and we actively pursue and demonstrate continuous improvement. Well done.

Thank you and congratulations to all involved in the preparation of this review, and special thanks to the In Home and Social Support and Primary Care Teams, Anne Rout, Frans Hillege, Georgie Harrison, Kerry Bubica and Kylie Neumann for all of the hard work they have undertaken to achieve this great result.

Keep up the great work.

Kate Gillan
Chief Executive Officer