Health Services Under Threat-fill in our survey here

Tuesday, 9 September 2014
Otway Health faces a crisis of funding which could cut 80% of the community health services provided to Apollo Bay and surrounds. If you live here, or have relatives or friends doing so, then these cuts could see you driving to Colac or Geelong to seek assistance in rehabilitation following an acute incident, surgery or illness. Any reduction in specialised exercise programs that help keep the elderly fit and mobile could see some people unable to live at home. And that’s just the tip of our funding crisis which could affect you or your family now or well in to the future. If you have used any of the following Otway Health services, or will in the future then please fill in our survey, thinking of how difficult it would be for you if they were taken away.

Please fill in our survey here     

Services under threat include

Community Nursing – looks after you at home instead of at Colac or Geelong hospital when appropriate through home treatment for wound care, palliative care, pain management and post hospital support.

-          Physiotherapy- means you don’t have to drive to Colac or Geelong regularly to treat painful joint or muscle injury.

-          Occupational Therapy – helps you or your loved ones stay fit or rehabilitate through exercise programs. Our popular exercise programs ‘Fit for Life’ and ‘No Falls’ are under threat.

-          Allied Health Assistants - home base rehabilitation and exercise expertise that means you can stay at home to recover post-illness.  This program helps the elderly live at home for as long as they can.  Some people will need to move away to nursing homes if this service is reduced.

-          Welfare Officer – providing local and timely support for  personal and emotional issues including  Emergency Relief, Anxiety, Anger and Violence, Grief and Bereavement and Mental Health. If people need to make appointments and arrange travel to Colac or Geelong, they quite often they do not receive this help at all.

The health and happiness of residents, friends and family of those in Apollo Bay and surrounds is under threat.  Please support Otway Health to continue to receive the funding that enables the services that help you.

Please fill in our survey and return it to the Community Chemist or Otway Health reception ASAP- we have a very short time to make our voices heard. 

Copies of all surveys will be sent to all relevant ministers.