Otway Health Cultural Strengthening Program

Friday, 2 March 2018
Otway Health is introducing a new program that fosters working together to achieve positive outcomes for staff in leadership, equality, engagement, teamwork and accountability.

What is it?     

The beliefs, values and principles of an organisation form its culture. Culture is ‘the way we do things around here’. The cultural climate of an organisation has a significant effect on how staff feel about their workplace and their general enjoyment.

We all want to enjoy our work and to feel proud of our workplace. For this reason, strengthening the culture is important.

How do we do that?

We need to work from many angles at once;

Why are we doing this? 

In November 2016, an external culture review was conducted at Otway Health. There were a series of recommendations that were proposed in the report. The Board of Directors accepted these recommendations in full and proceeded to address each of them. This program is aimed at delivering a number of those recommendations.

How can I be involved?

There are a range of elements in the cultural strengthening program. You may be interested in participating, or may be invited to be involved in them (see below). Stay tuned for information on the intranet and in Staff communications.

How do we know if it’s making a difference?

When we make an improvement in our culture we all feel better at work. We can also measure this feeling through the ‘People matter’ survey. In 2018 the survey will run between 16 April and 5 May. We want to hear from you.


Training model

Training will be delivered in a variety of ways depending on the cohort and content. Training providers include;


Who can be involved?


There will be some things that are more relevant to you than others so speak to your Line Manager.

Pathway to change – Culture renewal introduction to all staff

Who: All Staff
Recommendation: Recommendation 1 & 20
General Content: Statement of intent, positive workplace relationships, bullying, harassment and grievance
Trainer: Kate Gillan CEO
Method: In-house training as part of a mandatory training program for all staff
Time Frame: November & December 2017

Leadership development - fundamentals

Who: Managers of staff groups or functional areas
Recommendation: Recommendation 18
General Content: Emotionally intelligent leadership fundamentals
Trainer: Workplace plus
Method: Training by an external trainer – 4 days.
Time Frame: February 2018

Leadership development - advanced

Who: Senior Managers
Recommendation: Recommendation 18 & 16
General Content: ‘Getting to yes’ negotiation and communication
Trainer: CMA
Method: In-house training - 2 days
Time Frame: July 2018

Work group dynamics and Peer support

Who: Staff – specific work groups
Recommendation: Recommendation 19
General Content: Improving & supporting workgroup dynamics
Trainer: Facilitator
Method: In-house training – 1 day per workgroup
Time Frame: March – August 2018

Our Professional responsibilities

Who: Senior nurses
General Content: Professional accountability
Trainer: External
Method: In-house training - workshop
Time Frame: March 2018