Working together builds confidence in the vision for a sustainable, integrated primary care model.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018
Joint announcement from Otway Health and the Apollo Bay and District Health Foundation

The Otway Health Board of Directors, together with the Apollo Bay and District Health Foundation have been working together over the past 18 months to develop a plan for a long term, sustainable model of healthcare delivery that best meets the community’s needs. The key focus areas have been to ensure ongoing 24/7 urgent care as well as quality, reliable primary care services.

It was exciting to announce in March 2018 that Apollo Bay General Practice would come into full operational ownership of Otway Health. This has been an important part of achieving the vision for sustainable, integrated primary care.

In the coming weeks, the Practice will be relocated from Pascoe Street to the Otway Health site at 75 McLachlan Street, and it is intended that a purpose built primary care service will be provided in the upcoming Otway Health Master Plan. This is an important step in integrating Otway Health services and developing a closer working relationship.

A Medical Workforce Plan has been developed which will result in three GP full time equivalents working in the Practice by February 2019. The current three senior GPs in the Practice, (Dr Dave Mullen, Dr Denise Ruth and Dr Josh Bye), will provide supervision support commencing August 2018, to rotating GP Registrars – an important training focus in building the workforce for the long term.

Otway Health’s model supports a multi-disciplinary approach involving professional collaboration with nurse practitioners, visiting specialists and allied health professionals. Successful implementation of our vision means that the health services within our communities make for an attractive place to work, live and play for all health professionals. The focus on integrated primary care between Otway Health and the Apollo Bay and District Health Foundation will conclude as there is now a strong vision for the future and a high level of confidence in its success.

Otway Health and the Apollo Bay and District Health Foundation will continue its long term partnership and collaboration to support the best possible health service outcomes for our community – sustainable into the future.