Appendicectomy Reveals Unexpected Tumour

Friday, 29 August 2014
Portland's Judy Owers hopes the local community realises how lucky it is to have surgeon Thair Abbas.

Mrs Owers says she owes her life to the persistent diligence of Mr Abbas in finding the cause of the extreme stomach pain that she experienced earlier this year.

She is also in high praise of his ability to communicate results and for the overall care at Portland District Health (PDH).

Mrs Owers was forced to go to the PDH emergency department earlier this year after suffering from severe stomach pains and a high temperature.

It wasn't initially obviously what was causing the problems, but Mrs Owers said a series of scans and tests were taken to try to solve the mystery.

Eventually the cause of the pain was identified as an infection on her appendix but due to the high level of infection it could not be removed during initial surgery.

Mrs Owers spent 19 days in hospital and was treated with a series of antibiotics to clear the infection and she then returned to hospital in June to have further surgery.

The operation was a success removing her appendix; however subsequent analysis confirmed that there was a tumour on her appendix.

Mrs Owers is waiting to have further treatment at the Peter MacCallum cancer hospital in Melbourne but feels very confident about the future thanks to Mr Abbas.

She said that all through the process Mr Abbas kept her well informed and was always caring.

Even when he gave me the bad news that I would have to seek further treatment, he did it in a very caring manner, she said.

I just hope people realise how lucky we are to have Mr Abbas here,she said.

The same positive feelings apply to all the staff at PDH. The care in the hospital was wonderful. I couldn't fault it,” she said.

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