Friday, 22 December 2017
Portland District Health’s top priority is to provide a safe environment for all patients and clients and one of the best ways to achieve that goal is to have well-trained professional staff.

Having a highly skilled workforce leads to high standards of quality care and service excellence.

PDH recognises the commitment of long-serving staff and those who undertake education and training aligned to their work during its annual staff awards night.

Education Manager Lauren Newman said PDH's emphasis on education and training translated into safe and professional care for the community.

The Portland community is fortunate to have a highly skilled health workforce that continues to develop, she said.

At the 2017 staff awards night, more than 25 staff members were recognised for 10 or 15 years of service. Pam Thomas was recognised for 20 years, Deb Tozer, Rosemary Cole and Erica Clarke for 25 years, Di Johnson and Debbie Adams for 30 years, Carolyn Speed for 35 years and Bev McIlroy for 45 years.

Staff undertaking training, education and recognised courses and those who have completed education and training during 2017 were also presented with awards.

The training ranges from certificate level to Masters and covers nursing, accounting, training and assessment, mental health, leadership, sterilisation, chemotherapy and other disciplines.

Those in the collaborative enrolled and graduate nurse programs and graduating nurses from PDH were also recognised during the awards, including Craig Thulborn, Leah Bachmann, Elaine Warnecke, Georgia Fry, Bridget Smith, Madison Leske, Alexandra Thurn, Deborah Okaroh, Melissa Porter, Jessica Bentley, Elizabeth Fenton, Natalie Wallace, and Timothy Edgcumbe.

The theme for this year's awards was `imagine, believe and achieve'.

Guest speaker was Dr Vishnu Sangangari from Active Health Portland who emphasised the importance of mentoring future workforces.

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