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Registered Nurse Chloe Nunn with one of the white boards
Wednesday, 26 September 2012
The introduction of patient white boards is helping to improve communication between staff and patients at PDH.

The white boards have been added in each room of the north ward and include information about patients’ nurses and doctors, activities, discharge date, and their daily goals.

PDH Quality Manager Wendy Buckland said the white boards were an important addition to support patients.

“Patients want to be more involved in their care and this gives them an extra opportunity to be part of the process,” Wendy said.

“It has been very well received by patients and their families.”

Patients are able to write on the boards or information can be added with their consent by clinical and allied health staff.

The white boards are proving to be particularly helpful for patients preparing for discharge.

The concept was suggested by resident physician Dr Anatoli
Sobtchouk who had seen a similar system in place in Canada.

Information placed on the board is undertaken with the patient’s consent.

STORY BY Rick Bain

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