Country At Heart - New Occupational Therapist

Amie Marsh - PDH Occupational Therapist
Thursday, 12 April 2018
Amie Marsh describes herself as a “country person at heart” so returning to work in her home area was always on the cards.

Originally from Warrnambool, Amie studied occupational therapy at Latrobe University in Bundoora, completing her course last year.

The chance to work in a hospital setting just an hour away from Warrnambool was the perfect opportunity for her first job.

I've always been interested in rural health and was very keen to work in a hospital setting, she said. This job came up and it seemed perfect.

I'm a country person at heart and I think there's such a great need for allied health services in rural areas. Because a lot of the courses are in the city, people don't always return to country areas.

Ms Marsh has had a long interest in health care. My mum is a nurse in Warrnambool and she introduced me to allied health, she said. I didn't want to be a nurse or a doctor and I did my Year 10 work experience in O.T. and loved it. For me it makes sense as a profession. I like the fact it's so client centred and we're helping people to get back to what they want to do.

At PDH she is working mostly in the wards and Transitional Care Program, helping people who have been in hospital for a while to return to their homes.

This includes a wide range of activities such as supporting the client with personal care, being able to cook or clean their house.

It's all about getting them set up so they're well supported when they go home, Ms Marsh said.

In some cases it involves retraining, such as showering or light meal preparation. There are little practical things, for example if someone is having trouble with their memory we might put up reminders around their house.

We get to know the person and see what works for them.

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