Early-Bird Antenatal Classes Now At PDH

Friday, 29 June 2018
New mothers will have questions answered earlier in their pregnancy with new classes being introduced by Portland District Health.

The early-bird antenatal classes will start on Thursday, August 2 and will be open to expectant mothers anywhere from 12 to 28 weeks of pregnancy.

PDH already offers a series of four antenatal classes that focus on breast feeding, labour and birth, primarily for women after 30 weeks in their pregnancy.

Midwife Cath Edwards said PDH believed more women would find early-bird classes helpful.

They will give women more opportunities to learn and they will benefit from having that information early in their pregnancy, Ms Edwards said.

Topics will include common discomforts, morning sickness, symptoms during early pregnancy, tests they can expect, healthy diet and safe recommended activity levels.

They will also cover baby growth and what size their baby is expected to reach at various gestation periods.

It's good to get that information out early and any questions that they have can be answered and we can allay any fears, Ms Edwards said. It's better to get proper advice rather than trusting google searches.

Ms Edwards said the sessions would also give women an opportunity to get to know their local midwives.

The classes will be run free-of-charge while PDH is gauging interest. PDH is also looking to get feedback from women about the classes.

Partners are welcome to participate.

The sessions will be held in the PDH staff training room which is where current antenatal classes are held.

Classes will run from 7-9pm and will continue on the first Thursday of each month.

To enrol or find out more information, please call the midwives team on 55210691.

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