Extra Care Makes Herb's Extended Stays So Much Better

Photo from Left: Jan Campbell, Herb Dumesny & Sally Stephenson
Wednesday, 11 July 2018
Portland District Health has been like a second home for Herb Dumesny in recent years.

The former builder suffers from asbestosis and has had regular stints at PDH to cope with chest infections and other related conditions.

The most recent stay lasted for three months and the 90-year-old and his family couldn't be happier with the care he received.

Mr Dumesny and his daughters Jan Campbell and Sally Stephenson say that PDH provided high quality services and the type of friendly, personal care that typifies a country hospital.

They're always very good to me, he said.

This is echoed by his daughters who feel confident when their father is in hospital.

Dad loved his time there, Mrs Campbell said. All the nurses know and him and it's like a second home for him.

We're always happy to know he's being well cared for and the staff are always very nice, Mrs Stephenson added.

Asbestosis has taken its toll on Mr Dumesny in recent years.

I was in the building trade, firstly as a builder and then as a building inspector. We'd work with asbestos all the time; we didn't know any better back in those days, he said.

I've been in hospital quite a lot with chest infections which cut my voice off.

Mr Dumesny now receives oxygen around the clock but his condition has improved enough to return to his home of 20 years in Portland. He moved to the city to retire after living most of his life in Horsham and then Geelong.

He also undertook a 10-week Transition Care Program at PDH while battling his latest chest infection. The Transition Care Program helps patients regain their independence and confidence as they recover from an acute illnesses.

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