Grant Writing - Lifeline to Resources

Thursday, 31 August 2017
Grants and donations have provided a lifeline to Portland District Health over the years, but more can be done to attract resources for the local community.

A PDH volunteer grant writing group is up and running and meets regularly, but CEO Chris Giles said the Portland community would benefit from having more people involved.

Ms Giles said the grant writing group needs more retired and professional people who have the skills to help with applications to philanthropic trusts and other sources to fund new equipment purchases.

PDH has developed an equipment replacement plan and has a list of items that will need replacing over the next five years, including in the surgical theatre and radiology.

We have various pieces of equipment reaching the end of their lifespan that will need to be replaced over the next few years, Ms Giles said.

To make sure we continue providing the best possible care to our community, we need to have the best and latest equipment and facilities, she said.

Securing funding from different sources is an essential part of that process.

Writing grant applications is challenging but would be particularly helpful to PDH.

We hope there will be people with experience or writing expertise who could help with this important task, she said.

Ms Giles said that like many health services, PDH struggles to find resources and staffing to write funding submissions.

People who volunteer to help won't be confronting people directly for fund-raising; they will just be preparing written funding applications.

Guidance is provided to people with no previous grant writing experience. The group meets monthly to discuss applications.

Anyone able to help can contact Christine Giles on 55 210305.

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