Harbourside Lodge - Home Away From Home

Wednesday, 4 July 2018
Harbourside Lodge is home away from home with the added benefits of easy access to medical support and social connections.

With its link to Portland District Health, Harbourside Lodge has the expertise to care for people living with chronic and complex conditions, provided by an experienced multidisciplinary team including their GP and community pharmacist of choice.

Portland District Health Director Primary and Aged Care, Fiona Heenan, says Harbourside Lodge supports a best-life approach to care for all residents who become part of an extended family.

This is their home; however, we are there to make sure they maintain 'best-life' as their health and wellbeing needs change, Ms Heenan said.

People living with diabetes, chronic heart failure, chronic airways disease, stroke, arthritis and chronic pain receive 'one-stop shop' access to emergency and specialist medical, nursing and allied health care. Expert nursing care is provided around the clock.

Counselling services are offered to residents and their families transitioning into care, whether for respite or permanent, which can cause grief and loss, and we want to be there to support them through each stage.

This gives families peace of mind that their loved ones are in a safe and homely like environment with many of the health and social requirements at their disposal, Ms Heenan said.

Families, friends and connections with the local community is important with a social program individually tailored for each resident.

Harbourside Lodge is staffed by compassionate and caring registered and enrolled nurses, many with medication endorsement, and supported by supervised graduate nurses and personal care workers.

The facility has a bright and welcoming environment, including garden, courtyard or sea views and large multi-purpose rooms open up a variety of activities to residents.

Harbourside Lodge also welcomes diverse communities, in some cases people from different nationalities have come together to share a room and formed a strong friendship.

Harbourside Lodge currently has three vacancies. Short-term respite options are also available.

People interested in inspecting Harbourside Lodge or finding out more about care options can contact Portland District Health on 55 210333 or Harbourside Lodge on 55 210300.

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