Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn Donate 'Breath of Life' Package

Friday, 1 September 2017
Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn Helps Raise Funds to Purchase a ‘Humpty’s Breath of Life’ package valued at $8,500.

This year’s 17th annual Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn has made a significant difference to children’s hospitals and health services across Australia including Portland District Health.

Many of the 346 hospitals the Humpty Dumpty Foundation currently support will receive much-needed medical equipment and the ‘Humpty’s Breath of Life’ package ($8,500) for the Maternity Department was one of 161 pieces donated by the charity’s generous supporters.

The specially designed ‘Humpty’s Breath of Life’ package is life-saving. It includes a Neopuff Infant Resuscitator, Low Flow Bird Blender and an MR850 Humidifier on a mobile stand. ‘Humpty’s Breath of Life’ will provide humidified air during respiratory support to a sick baby or child as well as maintain them on a safe type of ventilation until a transfer arrives.

The fundraising weekend commenced with the annual Friday night Sponsors’ Dinner and was followed up on Sunday with the Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn fun-run. Created by Wallaby great Phil Kearns AM, this family-friendly event was attended by approximately 10,000 people from across Sydney.

With a 420 metre race category that suits every member of the family including the pet bird, cat or dog, the Balmoral Burn also includes a high intensity obstacle challenge, ‘Hill of Hurt’ and is held on the last Sunday of May each year.

The Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn has now raised over $30 million to make a difference to children’s hospitals and health services.

“The results from this year’s Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn once again demonstrate that community spirit is alive and well – now in our 17th year, the event has grown so much over the years and we intend to ensure it continues to get bigger and better each year. Every person that takes part in our fundraising weekend – from our Friday night Sponsors’ Dinner guests to the participants that have come along today, each one has helped us make a difference to the medical outcomes of children in hospitals and health services across Australia. On behalf of the children in hospitals, their families and the medical professionals that use this equipment, I say thank you – your generosity means so much and I hope to see you back on the hill in 2018,” said Founder and Executive Chairman of Humpty Dumpty Foundation, Paul Francis OAM.

Locals, community and business organisations interested in supporting the Humpty Dumpty Foundation and their local hospital by donating a piece of medical equipment or by making a donation can view the wish-list at or contact the Humpty Dumpty Foundation on 02 9419 2410.
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Portland District Health would like to thank the Humpty Dumpty Foundation for their generous donation of this vital piece of equipment to our maternity ward.

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