JJ's Hospital Kiosk Supporting Healthy Options

Jill Budde - JJ's Kiosk Owner
Friday, 27 April 2018
Portland District Health’s kiosk is setting a healthy example with the elimination of sugary drinks and emphasis being placed on healthy options.

The kiosk has changed its drinks display as part of the SEAChange initiative to present more healthy options to the community.

The kiosk, known as JJ's Café, is privately operated by Jillian Budde who said the new non-sugary drink options were well received by most people.

We're displaying waters and drinks with less sugars more prominently, including new products that have been introduced over time, Ms Budde said.

Some of the popular options include Sparkling Ice, a low kilojoule drink with green tea extracts in black raspberry, Kiwi strawberry and orange mango varieties, Cool Ridge sugar free spring water in lime and cucumber and blood orange flavours,  Saxbys lemonade, creaming soda and pineapple varieties.

There are also many varieties of flavoured mineral waters and refreshing pure water drinks.

The kiosk continues to stock diet soft drinks but has removed all sugar-based drinks.

There's still a good range of drinks but they’re all low sugar or no sugar, Ms Budde said.

The kiosk also concentrates on healthy eating options, including made-to-order food, sandwiches, wraps along with salads, burgers made on-site and homemade soups and a popular spud day.

There's no fried food here, Ms Budde said.

CEO Chris Giles praised Ms Budde's contribution and cooperation to healthy eating and working with the health promotion team to assist PDH reach its health and wellbeing goals. The canteen's self-initiated alternative drink varieties, displaying water more prominently, promotion of healthy snacks, adaption of kiosk menu to provide healthy options to staff and community and catering for events have helped to set up our healthy food and drink environment, Ms Giles said.

The kiosk has previously successfully adopted a `traffic light' system to identify healthy foods, highlighting the healthy `green' options.

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