Medical Emergency Team (MET) Response System

Wednesday, 30 July 2014
The introduction of a new Medical Emergency Team (MET) response system at Portland District Health brings a new layer of action to help patients in need.

A MET call can be activated by nurses, other staff members, the patient or their visitors.

A Code team consists of an airway doctor, team leader doctor, airway nurse, circulation nurse, cardiac compressions nurse, scribe and a minimum of two support staff who attend the location of the code within minutes of activation.

Emergency Nurse Unit Manager Dennyel Smith said this was probably excessive in a lot of cases when only a doctor was needed to urgently review the situation.

The MET response applies to inpatients only. The purpose is to gain rapid response by medical staff for patients deemed to be at risk,Ms Smith said. 

The MET response does not apply to cardiac and respiratory arrests or any collapse involving staff, visitors or outpatients. In these cases a Code Blue response is called.

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