New Exercise Physiologist At PDH

Harry Beresford - New Exercise Physiologist
Friday, 13 April 2018
PDH’S new exercise physiologist, Harry Beresford, is enjoying working in a team and with a variety of patients.

Mr Beresford had been based in private practice in Warrnambool before taking on the role at PDH.

Originally from Adelaide, Mr Beresford completed his four-year course at the University of South Australia.

The opportunity to up-skill and work in a team environment lured him to work in Portland.

I see a much bigger variety of clients in the public hospital setting and there is a lot more peer support, he said. Mr Beresford works alongside occupational therapists, physios and other allied health professionals in a team-based multidisciplinary approach to helping people.

I think there are more opportunities to develop as a professional exercise physiologist when working in a team environment, he said.

That's something I missed in private practice. Here we have weekly meetings and discuss patients which I think provides the best outcome for their care.

Mr Beresford works with inpatients in the acute wards, is assisting with leadership of the falls prevention group, working with patients who have had orthopaedic surgery such as hip and knee replacements and is part of the ambulatory group where he helps a variety of clients with chronic health conditions.

Each patient I see has a different goal,” Mr Beresford said. Inpatients may be recovering from a major operation or dealing with an illness and my role is to work alongside and assist other allied health professionals in getting them rehabilitated and back into the community.

With the falls prevention group, it’s about trying to improve their balance and other important aspects to improve independence and reduce their risk of falling.

Mr Beresford also sees outpatients who seek appointments from the community.

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