New Fee Structure at Habourside Lodge

Wednesday, 9 July 2014
A new fee structure has been implemented at Portland’s Harbourside Lodge to follow the new Federal Government Living Longer, Living Better Reforms.

The fees include a refundable bond, accommodation payment, means-tested fee calculated by the Department of Social Services and a basic daily fee of $46.50, which is 84 per cent of the full pension. This is the current amount, which increases in line with the CPI.

The fees have been determined by the Aged Care Act 1997 and have been set across Australia by the Federal Government.

Under the new arrangements there are no longer separate classifications of high care and low care.

The new arrangements apply to residents entering a permanent aged care place from July 1; Bonds do not apply to respite residents, only the basic daily fee.

Bonds are calculated based on room value; however other options are available to residents to adjust their daily accommodation fees.

The total amount of the bond is refunded to the resident or their families after they leave Harbourside Lodge.

It is the first time a bond system has been in place at Harbourside Lodge, as under the previous structure, bonds were not applicable to public high care facilities.

Fees and bonds are determined by the relevant Federal Department (ie Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs), upon application by prospective residents or their families.

Harbourside Lodge Unit Manager, Faye Tippett stated that We are following the new Federal guidelines and legislative changes.

There will be an advisory contact in regard to fees based at Portland District Health, for prospective residents and/or their families to discuss personal finances.

People wishing to know more about the new fees, payments and means testing, in general, can phone 1800 200 422 or visit the My Aged Care Website on

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