PDH Expands Community Connections Via Quality Dashboard

Wednesday, 4 July 2018
Portland District Health will better connect with the local community with the launch of a new Quality Community Dashboard.

The new initiative will provide information via the PDH website to inform the public of a list of key performance indicators that align with the organisation's key values: we connect, we surpass, we Learn, we create and we are responsible.

And the community is being encouraged to have their say in how the portal works and what information it shares.

PDH quality director Loren Drought said updated data would be provided on a regular basis with additional explanatory information so people can understand the results and how the data is used by PDH to make improvements.

It's purely for the community to see what standards we are trying to achieve and whether we're meeting our targets, Ms Drought said.

Topics such as mandatory training for staff, staff vaccination, cleaning audits, energy usage will be included but Ms Drought said PDH was keen to hear from local people about what information they want to know.

We want the community to let us know how they find the site; whether it's easy to navigate, uses the right terminology and is easy to understand and whether there are other things they would like us to report on, she said.

We're happy to look at information the community want us to report. It won't work unless it meets the needs of the community.

The PDH Quality Community Dashboard can be accessed by visiting the About Us section on the PDH website at http://bit.ly/PDHquality or via the PDH Facebook page.

Ms Drought said that sometimes the data might show that PDH has not met targets. We aim to be transparent and acknowledge that at times processes and programs are not working as well as we would like, she said. When this happens there is a commitment to look at what can be done to improve and get back on track.

Feedback on this new initiative and general service feedback may be provided directly via email to; quality.pdh@swarh.vic.gov.au, the feedback link on the PDH website or via mail to Quality Department, Portland District Health, Bentinck Street, Portland 3305.

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