PDH Explans Flag Protocol

Wednesday, 20 December 2017
Portland District Health has clarified its flag flying protocols, explaining that it is following national guidelines.

CEO Chris Giles said there had been some concern in the community about the order of the flags; however PDH has confirmed that it is flying them in the correct order.

The Australian National Flag official guidelines state that the Australian flag must take the position of honour and should fly on the left of a person facing the building.

Ms Giles said there had been some complaints that the Australian flag is being flown on the left side, not in the middle.

Some people think it should be in the centre as the position of honour; but that is not correct, the left side is considered the position of honour, she said.

PDH had previously flown the Australian flag in the centre of its three-flag display. This was changed after a community member pointed out the correct protocol.

We have now arranged the flag according to the Australian National Flag official guidelines, Ms Giles said.

PDH also flies the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags.

The protocols say that when flying more than one flag they should, if possible, be the same size and be flown on flagpoles of the same height.

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