The PDH Environmental Services Team
Friday, 31 August 2012
Portland District Health is maintaining its status as one of the cleanest hospitals in Australia.

PDH has again recorded a near-perfect score in the Victorian Public Health Facilities External Cleaning Audit with a rating of 98.8 per cent.

Hospitals are required to reach an acceptable quality level of 90 per cent in very high risk areas and 85 per cent in high risk and moderate risk areas.

PDH easily surpassed this figure across the board.

The independent audit was conducted by Cogent Business Solutions and took a random sample of 15 cleaning criteria across 82 rooms throughout the health service.

PDH scored 99.1 in `very high risk’ areas such as the operating theatre and intensive care unit. The benchmark for very high risk areas is 90 per cent.

The hospital also excelled in high risk areas with a score of 98.5 and in moderate risk areas with 98.9, both well above the 85 per cent benchmark.

The audit found that all departments examined complied with acceptable quality levels and said the PDH internal cleaning audit regime meets all the terms of the cleaning standards for Victorian health facilities.

Acting CEO Ros Jones said PDH was proud of its well-earned reputation for cleanliness.

“This latest audit confirms what a great job our environmental services team does, full credit to them,” Ms Jones said.

“To be able to maintain such a high level of cleanliness is a real compliment to the dedication and commitment to their work and should reaffirm the local community’s confidence in PDH’s abilities to provide a clean and safe environment, which is a vital component in the provision of efficient health care,” she said.

STORY BY Rick Bain

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