PDH Offers New Option For Organ Donations

Thursday, 7 June 2018
Portland District Health hopes to give the local community a chance to save lives by donating their organs.

PDH is planning to work with Donate Life, a Melbourne-based company that organises organ donations, to educate the local community about their donation options.

Director of Nursing Ros Alexander said there was no doubt that organ donation saves lives.

At any time, more than 1600 people are waiting for organ transplants.

Ms Alexander said PDH was actively involved in promoting organ donation many years ago and felt it was important to again bring the issue to the attention of the community.

The issue came up during discussions involving PDH's end of life working party.

We want to look at whether it was possible for PDH and the community to participate in organ donation, Ms Alexander said.

We've done some preliminary work with Donate Life and they are prepared to visit Portland to help us put together a policy on organ donation and to educate PDH staff.

Donate Life would also travel to Portland to conduct community meetings to inform local people about how they could become donors.

If Portland district people want to donate an organ they don't have to be moved to Melbourne.

If we have somebody who is an organ donor who is dies, Donate Life will fly their doctors and nurses to Portland to support loved ones and retrieve the donated organs at PDH rather than take the person to Melbourne, Ms Alexander added.

Donate Life is part of the Australian Government Organ and Tissue Authority (OTA) works with states and territories, clinicians and the community sector to deliver the Australian Government's national program to improve organ and tissue donation.

The program aims to implement a world's best practice approach to organ and tissue donation for transplantation to maximise donation rates and raise community awareness and stakeholder engagement across Australia to promote organ and tissue donation.

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