PDH Recruits Locally And Internationally To Boost Midwifery Services

Photo: Emily Hinch - PDH Midwife
Wednesday, 3 January 2018
Portland District Health is boosting its midwifery services with new local and international recruits.

The retirement of some experienced midwives has led PDH to supplement its midwifery workforce with locum agency staff.

This has had several positive benefits, bringing experience, a fresh perspective, new educational opportunities and one locum who decided to join the permanent workforce.

PDH has also welcomed to its team Emily Hinch, a locally trained midwife.

There have been 38 babies born at Portland District Health so far this financial year and Clinical Midwife Consultant said PDH was coping well with the extra demand.

The workforce is being supplemented by agency midwives on three or six month locum placements.

They bring fresh eyes and a different set of clinical skills, Ms Buckland said.

Three of the midwives are New Zealand trained and Ms Buckland said midwives from New Zealand work at a higher level of clinical practice. They come with a high skill set and independence and that lifts the competence and the morale of our existing staff and they help with a lot of impromptu education, she said.

One of the locum midwives, Tori Panteleeva, extended her original stint in Portland and has since joined the workforce permanently.

Ms Panteleeva said that the longer she worked at PDH, the more she enjoyed it, including the friendly staff, the variety of clinical situations and the hospital’s cleanliness.

Healthcare Australia is PDH's preferred agency but the health service accesses a variety of recruitment agencies when needed.

Ms Buckland added that the locum staff were often used to fill gaps in the night roster.

Portland resident Emily Hinch has recently completed her midwifery training and has joined the team in a graduate role.

That's an example of training our own and expanding our local workforce, Ms Buckland said. Emily is a Portland nurse and is extremely experienced.

Ms Buckland said PDH was filling the midwifery roster but for long-term sustainability was continuing to attempt to recruit a permanent workforce.

A midwife is rostered on every shift and a second midwife is on call.

Ms Buckland said local casuals also fill short-term positions, with seven experienced midwives on the casual roster.

This improves flexibility as we call them in when we're busy but we want to continue recruiting permanent staff, she added.

Obstetrician Dr Yasser Diab is available at PDH most days and if he is unavailable Warrnambool Base Hospital is informed.

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