Dr Ghalala Irshad
Wednesday, 12 September 2012
Obstetrics services will resume at Portland District Health from October 1.

Dr Ghazala Irshad has been given privileging rights at PDH to conduct routine pregnancy care to low and intermediate risk women, provide labour care of low risk women , operative vaginal delivery, elective and emergency caesarean sections and conduct low risk gynaecology clinics.

Dr Irshad has been working with Warrnambool Base Hospital’s Director of Obstetrics/Gynaecology Services, Dr Michael Koutsoukis in establishing her scope of practice and has been providing ante-natal services in Portland.

In recent months PDH has been providing a safe Level One obstetrics service which includes the transfer of some mothers to Warrnambool Base Hospital to deliver their babies.

Dr Irshad has 14 years experience in obstetrics and gynaecology. Most recently she has been completing her Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists part 2 qualifications.

PDH has also secured the visiting services of Dr Koutsoukis.

Dr Koutsoukis will visit Portland each month to consult from the specialist centre and develop a gynaecology surgery list.

Their services will be supported by locum anaesthetists from Monday to Friday.

Acting CEO Ros Jones described the appointments as a wonderful step forward for the Portland community.

“This will advance and work towards consolidating our obstetrics service for the local community. The services provided by Drs Irshad and Koutsoukis will complement each other and although the service will be limited to alternate weeks initially, PDH looks forward to expanding the service in the future. ” 

Ms Jones said PDH had been actively trying to recruit qualified obstetricians to resume local services for the community.

“It is an increasingly difficult area for all regional centres, so we are fortunate and pleased to be able to make these appointments,” she said.

The hospital is continuing its campaign to recruit a resident anaesthetist.

Ms Jones said locum anaesthetists will continue to be available on week days to support the expanded obstetrics service.

PICTURE SUPPLIED BY Josh Nash, Portland Observer

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