Portland Has Australia's Cleanest Hospital

Wednesday, 25 June 2014
Portland District Health is the cleanest hospital in Australia with a new external audit unable to fault its cleanliness.

The review by an external qualified Victorian cleaning standards auditor resulted in a remarkable 100 per cent score.

While PDH has consistently rated in the high 90s, this is the first time it has achieved a 100 per cent rating. The previous top score was an impressive 99.4 per cent.

It is understood to be the first time a health service has recorded a 100 per cent score.

Director of Corporate Services Ros Jones described the result as awesome.

To achieve the highest possible score of 100 per cent with no recommendations is a credit to our dedicated and hardworking Environmental Services Team, Ms Jones said.

The mandatory annual audit is conducted every 12 months. PDH conducts monthly internal audits of its environmental performance and consistently records excellent results well above industry expectations.

Ms Jones said the 100 per cent outcome was not a fluke.

We regularly receive comments about the cleanliness of our facilities, she said. This wasn't a special effort just for the audit; this is a day-to-day commitment from our team to make sure we have a clean and safe hospital.

Very high risk areas such as intensive care are required to reach scores of 90 or above while moderate risk areas such as general wards and low risk areas such as administration rooms must reach 85.

The perfect score complements the hospital’s consistently high scores in patient satisfaction and zero infection rates over recent years.

Environmental Services Team Leader Barb James said the result was a credit to the fantastic team of about 20 dedicated workers.

We have a great team and everyone takes so much pride in their work on a daily basis. They go beyond the call of duty and won't leave work until they know everything is perfect, Ms James said.

The 100 per cent score is a rare achievement.

The auditor told me that she had never given anyone 100 per cent before but she couldn't find anything wrong here, Ms James added.

The result is also a vote of confidence in the hospital's chemical free cleaning practices.

We just use microfibre and water, no chemicals, Ms James said. It is an environmentally sustainable practice but has terrific results.

Along with the excellent cleaning performance, the team members are also noted for their friendly presence around the hospital.

We always get comments about how clean the hospital is and also about how nice the girls are to everyone, Ms James said.

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