Portland Hospital wins patient praise

Friday, 9 March 2012
Patients have praised Portland District Health (PDH) in the latest State Government survey into patient satisfaction in Victorian hospitals.

The Victorian Patient Satisfaction Monitor Annual Report is for the period from July 2010 to June 2011.

Victorian Health Minister David Davis said hospitals recorded significant increases in patient satisfaction.

“This achievement is testament to our dedicated doctors, nurses and other hospital staff who can be truly proud of the difference they make to lives of Victorian patients each and every day” he said.

The survey rates hospital satisfaction out of 100 from:

          ‘poor’ (20 – 40 out of 100)

          ‘fair’ (41 – 60 out of 100)

          ‘good’ (61 – 80 out of 100)

          ‘very good’ (81 – 100 out of 100)

PDH scored 82.5 out of 100

Hospitals with the highest scores were Timboon and District Healthcare Service, Yea and District Memorial Hospital, Moyne Health Services, Cohuna District Hospital and Casterton Memorial Hospital.

Mr Davis said in the survey patients could highlight the positives about our public hospitals and point out areas for improvement.

“This feedback assists our hospitals to provide even better care by learning directly from patients on how to improve service quality” Mr Davis said.

“The voluntary survey asks patients to reflect on how they feel about their time spent in hospital including admission, care provided by doctors and nurses, complaints management, meals, physical environment, discharge and follow up.

“The areas with the highest level of satisfaction were the courtesy of nurses and doctors, being treated with respect, personal safety and helpfulness of staff.

STORY BY Portland Observer

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