Recovering at PDH Following Heart Attack

Thursday, 24 April 2014
Robert Pitt has died and lived to tell the tale.

Mr Pitt is now recovering at Portland District Health after having a heart attack and dying before being brought back to life in Geelong.

My heart failed completely but I'm lucky that I don't remember much at all,he said. The first thing I remember is waking up in ICU and they told me I had to cough. There were no white lights or pearly gates or anything.

Mr Pitt had earlier undergone surgery in Geelong to remove the top part of his lung after an MRI scan found shadows which turned out to be tumors.

I had been in hospital for migraine headaches and certainly didn't expect that they would find tumors, he said.

The six-hour operation was done in Geelong but when Mr Pitt returned to Portland a few days later he quickly went downhill.

A friend brought him to Portland District Health and he was flown back to Geelong where the heart failure occurred.

Mr Pitt was impressed with the service at PDH and was keen to return to his home town hospital.

I wanted to come back to Portland for rehab so after two weeks they flew me back to Portland in mid-March.

He remains impressed by the service at PDH.

I didn't realise how good this hospital was, he said

The first impression you get at the door is a smiling face. The cleanliness is spot on and the food is well presented and cheerfully presented by the staff. Everyone works together and make me feel like this is my home now.

The main thing is a happy face and that's what I get every day.

I have shortness of breath. They had to re-start my heart with paddles and that can cause some damage. They are doing tests to check for heart damage,he said.

It has been a slow recovery but I am doing rehab and they can do all sorts of things with hearts these days.

In the meantime Mr Pitt knows he is in good hands at PDH. The staff make me feel like I'm the only one here.

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