Recovery Close To Home For Mary

Thursday, 19 October 2017
At 86 Mary Benbow expects to have a few little aches and pains, but she knew the feeling she was experiencing last month was out of the ordinary.

I was feeling dreadful, she admitted. I went to the doctor but it was hard to explain how I was feeling. I had high blood pressure and I thought it was anxiety but I didn't know what it was.

After two restless nights where she woke up drenched in perspiration, Mrs Benbow attended Portland District Health's urgent care centre.

Today she's feeling 100 per cent” and is pleased that she took the initiative to seek help.

ECG and other tests identified a problem with Mrs Benbow's heart so she was sent to St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne to have a pacemaker fitted.

She had experienced a slight heart attack 16 years earlier but had been in good health prior to this latest incident.

The procedure proved to be easy and successful; and the follow-up care just as good as she could hope for.

I felt instant relief, Mrs Benbow said. I went to sleep and next minute I was awake and feeling great; I couldn't believe it.

Mrs Benbow returned to PDH for her recovery and after a couple of nights was able to return to her home in Heywood.

As someone who has lived all her life in the Portland region, Mrs Benbow has always appreciated the service provided by PDH.

I had my tonsils out in the old hospital and it's always been the same with its good quality care.

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