Red Sock Safety Initiative

Wednesday, 26 September 2012
If you notice a lot of patients at PDH wearing red socks, it has nothing to do with latest fashion trends.

Instead, the socks have been introduced as a trial safety measure designed to reduce the incidence of falls among elderly patients in our subacute ward.

The red socks have white suction nonslip grips on the bottom which help people to avoid falls. They are provided at minimal cost to all patients aged over 65 who are assessed as being at high risk of falls.

They also serve as a visual indiscrimatory alert to caregivers that the patient may be at risk of falling.

Improving Care for Older People project officer Emma Page said the trial results so far were very promising.

The red socks were introduced in May and the response has been fantastic. In the previous 12 months there had been 16 falls recorded in sub-acute but therehave been none since the trial started

Patients are being encouraged to wear the socks at all times. Emma said many falls happened first thing in the morning when patients got out of bed

The trial in south ward will continue for six months.

STORY BY Rick Bain

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