Nice to meet you

Anne Van Diemen
Friday, 7 September 2012
Volunteering has been a great way for Anne Van Diemen to meet people since she moved to Mortlake about nine years ago with her husband Richard.

“We had tired of the early morning sheep and lamb rounds and decided Mortlake might be a better option for retirement than Warrnambool,” Anne says. 

“It’s a lovely little place,” she adds. “It is very community minded and you can walk to everything that you need.”

A retired nurse by profession who worked with South West Healthcare for 23 years, Anne came across the need for volunteers when she attended the Mortlake Community Health Centre to undergo some tests.

It was a decision that has worked both ways.

"I enjoy mixing with people and helping out where I can and I thought being avolunteer driver would be a great way to get to know people,”

Her thoughts have proven to be true, and Anne has also learnt a lot about Mortlake’s history in the process.

'It is usually older people who I take to appointments and they are great in telling me the history of places, who used to live where, and who is related to whom" she says.

"It is interesting to listen to them talk about how big Mortlake used to be and how much it has changed. I have learnt a lot about the town's history".

Anne is usually called to help as a volunteer driver about once a week. "I generally take people to specialist appointments with doctors or  hospitals in Terang, Camperdown or Warrnambool. I thoroughly enjoy it... it's my way of giving something back to the community".

Interested in learning more about becoming a TMHS volunteer? Contact our volunteer coordinator, Kate Justin on 5592 0222 to discuss the variety of options available.